Heat Stress Meets “The Cool Tube®” Solution

No need to be hot and bothered anymore! The development of “The Cool Tube®” MKII ensures that you can work both comfortably and safely.

Meet the solution

Heat Stress:

  • The sum of the environmental and metabolic heat loads on the body

Hierarchy of Control – Elimination “Just Add Chilled Air”

Thanks to a phenomenon of thermodynamics, we designed, developed and are manufacturing mine compliant, compressed air driven,  portable “air conditioners”, capable of delivering super cooled additional air to cool the workplace.

“The Cool Tube®” MKII, devices weigh approximately 8KG and when supplied with 7 Bar /100 PSI of compressed air, delivers super chilled air, at a rate of 18 – 70L/Sec depending on the model used.

How it works

With no moving or maintainable parts, The Cool Tube® MKII standard setup will drop the compressed air supply temperature by a pre-set 24℃ – 30℃ to give the best all round performance curve, of volume to temperature ratio. Standard specifications of The Cool Tube® MKII as below.

MKII Cool Tech Specs:

Model Number






Ideal Inlet Pressure 5 – 8 Bar 5 – 8 Bar 5 – 8 Bar 5 – 8 Bar 5 – 8 Bar
CFM @ 6 Bar Inlet Pressure 70 CFM 140 CFM 170 CFM 200 CFM 230 CFM
Tested Air Inlet Temp 25°C 25°C 25°C 25°C 25°C
Cold End Discharge Temp  -6°C @ -6°C @ -5°C @ -2°C @ -1°C @
Cold End Discharge Temp Drop 31°C 31°C 30°C 27°C 26°C
Warm End Heat Shield Surface Temp 41°C 44°C 44°C 45°C 46°C
Warm End Air Temp 48°C 57.5°C 59.5°C 62°C 64.5°C
Noise level at 3m with hose and 250mm silencer. 78 dBA 85 dBA 84 dBA 86 dBA 88 dBA

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